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A one stop shop for beautifully designed Indian handicraft items including Sculptures, Wooden Statues, Sandalwood Articles, Marble Painting and many other products since 1955..  

About Us

The rich cultural heritage of India has had a great influence on the craft industry that has produced several pieces of art that are today popular around the world. Handicraft items are manifestations of the cultural influence on a particular region and provide an insight into the customs and beliefs of a people. We, Shri Vinayak Handicrafts, have been manufacturing a wide variety of handicraft items that have become popular throughout the world and are well known for their superior quality. We are a Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesaler/Distributor of a number of items including but not limited to Tables Tops Marble Bird, Wooden Decorative Items, Carved Wooden Articles, Sandalwood Articles and Wooden Handicrafts. Today, we have an annual turnover of INR 1.5 Crore and are the principal company dealing in Indian handicraft items in markets across the world.  

Why Us?

We are a preferred choice of many owing to our dedication towards serving our customers with the best products and the trust we have garnered from them. Some of the unique selling points of our company that have kept us above the competition are as follows:
  • We make use of high quality raw materials to manufacture our products.
  • Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools that allow our employees to create beautiful handicraft items.
  • We package our products using customized packaging solutions that ensure that the products remain in their best conditions when it reaches clients.
  • We own a warehouse that holds a bulk of our products in storage and gives us the ability to handle large orders with ease.
Our Team

The quality and beauty of handicraft items greatly depends upon the skill if the person involved in it, is a manufacturer. Working with us is a team of highly skilled, experienced individuals each of whom is sought after in the industry due to their expertise at creating beautiful products. In order to create articles that are unique and have a character of their own, we encourage our employees to explore their ideas and come up with new items that amaze the beholder.